My name is Justin and I have been a part of the Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra (TASSO) since September 2013 and enjoy it very much. I hope to remain a part of TASSO even after I’m finished high school. The greatest satisfaction for me is probably that I get to show my parents through my playing because my mom is from Trinidad (the official birthplace of the steelpan) and my dad is from Jamaica. Playing the steelpan allows me to show off my Caribbean roots. Outside of steel pan I enjoy playing soccer, basketball, and football. I recently received the certification to become a soccer referee; now all I need is some actual games to ref. I like ketchup but not tomatoes, and grapes but not raisins, and every morning I have to eat or drink something orange…..just because. A few words I would use to describe myself are athletic, a risk-taker, honest, and entertaining. My favourite foods are pizza, burgers, fries and chicken. Did I say fries already? Well, I suppose a second time doesn’t hurt…and fries.