My name is Moriah. I am 18 years old and a proud member of the Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra. I have been playing pan with TASSO for as long as I can remember. During practices and performances, I typically play the Tenor Steelpan, the instrument that generally carries the melody of the orchestra’s pieces. Over the past few years, I have diversified my playing skills by learning new songs added to our repertoire on the other instruments utilized in the band.

Aside from playing the Steelpan, I enjoy reading, listening to contemporary classical music, playing badminton and volunteering in my community. I always have to be active. Whether through volunteering, academics, or physical activity, you name it, being involved within my community is very important to me. Over the years, I have volunteered with various organizations that have incited several initiatives ranging from improving the environment to educating and empowering youth to vote. Through TASSO, I have combined the three things I enjoy most; giving back to the community, building long-lasting connections, and creating music.