Nigisti My name is Nigisti, I have been in Salmon Cupid’s amazing steel pan orchestra, Toronto All Stars, since I was in grade seven. I graduated from post secondary school with a welding and cosmetology certificate. I am a makeup artist, and an artistic director. I love the concept of enhancing and highlighting ones beauty through paint and makeup. In my free time I enjoy dancing, painting and writing poetry. As someone who grew up in a Rastafarian home, Ive been raised to eat vegan my entire life. Since I don’t eat animals, many of my peers assume that I don’t know what “good food” is. When I say both my parents are vegan chefs, and I cook one of my “gisti specials”, I always show them another side of food, the vegan side with a Caribbean twist! Alongside Caribbean food I also love Caribbean music. Every Friday I get to be apart of creating music that cateres to everyone. We mesh songs together that are old classics and fresh hits! Attending practices  gets me excited to see what Salmon Cupid  and my band members create together. As a graduating member of the Toronto All Stars, I wish all the best to my pan family. I know they will continue to shine and amaze people with their talents. I will always have a passionate love for the Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra, it’s been in my life for many years. Once a part of the  TASSO family, always a part of the TASSO family.