My name is CHÉ pronounced (Ch-ay). I am 12 years old and I am new to TASSO. I excel at Math, French, and Sports such as Basketball. I have been involved in Tae-Kwon-Do for 9 years and I have earned a 2nd-degree black belt. During the summer I participate in a basketball league that has tournaments at home and in the USA, and I also enjoy travelling and spending quality time with my family. My hobbies are drawing, watching anime, and playing basketball. I started steel pan when I was 6 but stopped to focus on sports and now that I have time again I chose to play steel pan once again. In the future, I aspire to be a digital artist with a focus on architecture. My dad is Jamaican and my mom is Trinidadian; I enjoy the food, music and culture from both islands. I hope to keep learning pan from Mr. Cupid!