My name is Marcus and I am a graduate of Lyndon Institute High School in Vermont, USA. I am from Savannah which is a small city in Georgia but have spent my years growing up in Washington D.C., Ottawa, but mostly Toronto. I started playing steel pan with TASSO in elementary school and all the way through high school. I have devoted my time to football since the age of 7 and it’s pretty much been the other half of my life. I have won gatorade player of the game, NEK player of the game, and set the record for my high school in most rushing touch downs in a half. I will be attending Mississippi Valley State University to continue my football career and academic career where I will be studying PRE business, sports management, and physical education. In my spare time when I am not training or doing school work I love to hang out with my friends, drive around, play Xbox, and hang out in the city because as of late I have been away and haven’t had many chances to do that. This summer I plan on working for the Canadian Football League (CFL) with their head office in Toronto later on this summer. I love eating steak, pizza, and maynard gummies.