My name is Eleni, I’m 18 years old and I’ve been in this band for the past 7 years. I love tomatoes but hate ketchup, I take my sugar with coffee, and I can’t have cereal with milk without a glass of water. Ever. On a more serious note, my hobbies include playing competitive volleyball at a national and provincial level as my team has ranked 10th in Canada and 3rd in Ontario. I also very much enjoy taking on leadership roles both in and outside of the school. Whether it be on student council or helping with charities, I’m always the first to volunteer to help organize. I’m an extremely adventurous but calm and collected girl which is why opportunities like those spark my interest! Being 18 comes with many once in a life time experiences. My life so far has consisted of LOTS travelling with not only the band all over the world, but more specifically to Greece as that’s where I’m from! As I grow older I plan to continue travelling the world and exploring new places because being on a plane honestly just comes naturally to me. For example, I LIVE for the turbulence – it’s like a mini roller coaster to me… From the experiences and opportunities I’ve been given over the years, I have developed many skills and have grown as individual. My personality has developed into a mature but silly, enthusiastic, driven girl, but by being 18, I think it’s safe to say that there are many more to come and I plan on cherishing each and every one of them!!