My name is Jordan and I am a proud member of the Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra. I began my journey into the world of music at 4 years old when my parents signed me up for piano lessons. From then I have played different instruments, but the most memorable one by far is the steelpan. Through playing the steelpan I have learned more about music and have been given the amazing opportunity to travel around the globe playing the only instrument invented in the 20th century. Being in this group and playing the steelpan has opened my eyes to the world and given me a true sense of what it means to be a musician. The other instruments I play include the piano, saxophone, and guitar. Aside from music I also enjoy playing sports and my favorite one is soccer. Some of my other pastimes are listening to music and reading. I am currently pursuing my NLS certification in the hope of becoming a lifeguard and/or a swim instructor with the ultimate goal of getting a part-time job.